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Demolli art believes everyone should have fine art in their home. You can own an original painting, even a custom portrait. Nelson Rockefeller popularized prints because he felt that everyone couldn’t afford a painting. Let me assure you, a print is just a piece of paper and it will remain a piece of paper even after 2000 years. The value will not increase but a good oil painting will increase in value.

People surrounded by art are more relaxed than people who are not surrounded by art. Art owners get great satisfaction examining the vibration of the colors and studying the brush strokes of the artist. If the painting is your favorite landscape or granddaughter, the pleasure is even more pronounced.

It has been proven scientifically, that standing in front of a painting can relax the brain, five minutes in front of a painting is equivalent to five hours of sleep. Based on this theory, the Japanese investors are spending millions of dollars in art and have influenced the international market just to bring the best art in Japan as an aesthetic relaxation tool. Paintings bring happiness and joy to the house, they offer culture and education and provide great satisfaction for owners. Buy a painting today. The bigger the better!

Town Hall, Saint Michaels Maryland
Make a statement about your heritage, recall a favorite place, honor your hometown or its history. Demolli Art Studio specializes in painting vistas and communities both historic and contemporary.

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Sara with Mom

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Boy and Dog
Jesse Demolli introduces his latest series of paintings, all studies in macro images of vegetables and fruit.


Nostalgic Landscapes and Cityscapes
Recall the joys of the past with nostalgic paintings by artist Jesse Demolli. European training and experience from the cradle of Western Civilization can be brought to your home.

Early paintings created in Europe
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